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Western Australia

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Tree maintenance is our business and we're good at it.

Pruning is about working with the tree. Our expert team are trained in all areas of tree management, from crown work, to heavy pruning.

And frankly, there are just times when an over-hanging branch presents a risk to gutters, windows or the little people in our back yard.

If necessary, we'll even liaise with your neighbours for you and ensure that we fit in with everyone's schedule and that the needs of all stake holders are satisfied.

A dead tree is a hazard and we'll remove the hazard for you.

Tree removal might also be required in the event of construction of you next extension or new project.

Tree removal, in some cases, may be the best method of isolating a tree infection, thereby arresting infection spread and potentially saving other trees.

No task is too big or too small for AAA Tree Services.

AAA Tree Services employs experienced tree climbers and for the biggest trees we have at our disposal some very big crane and 'cherry picking' apparatus.

Our stump grinder will make a quick feed of your menacing stumps and make way for that area of your garden to become useful again.

Stump grinding is crucial in ensuring that no nasty shoots pop up and will make room for the plants or structure that you desire.

With AAA, you're just a call away from onsite support for fallen branches, trees over power lines, or any such inconvenience.

We know that Mother Nature doesn't work a 9-5 shift, so we're available to give you a hand when the chips hit the fan!

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